Learning Management Systems have the potential to transform customer service training in any organisation by allowing your staff rapid access to learning materials which can be updated regularly in response to changing customer needs.

Customer Service

The interactive nature of an LMS allows you to capture tacit knowledge from experienced staff and deploy it across the organisation, whilst simultaneously collating a library of documents and training materials which users can access at their convenience. Compared to traditional training courses, there are also cost savings - and we work with open source technologies, which significantly reduces the total cost of ownership of the platform.

Our LMS solutions provide:

  • Powerful reporting tools, to track user progress
  • User-centred design, to promote engagement
  • Integration with existing internal systems
  • Cloud hosting for access anytime, anywhere

One example of a client we've worked with in the retail industry is Zara. We developed a social learning platform covering customer service, workplace safety and product training. You can view a case study on the project here: Zara case study

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