Employees in many sectors are required to demonstrate compliance with industry-specific regulations. Using an LMS to manage compliance in your organisation can save you time and reduce costs by automating much of the process.


Using an open-source learning platform such as Totara or Moodle, you can provide your employees with the materials they need to understand areas of regulation. Assessment can also be handled within the LMS, as well as time-based repeat testing to ensure employees remain compliant with the latest changes. The platform also provides management with an at a glance overview of their direct reports' progress and highlights any areas of concern.

Using Totara or Moodle has several advantages over face to face training:

  • Cost effective - low cost of ownership
  • Accessible anywhere - cloud hosted
  • Rapid development and implementation 

One example of a client we've worked with on compliance-based training is Skipton Building Society. You can view a case study on the project here:  Skipton Building Society case study

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