What is Tin Can Api?

Also known as Experience API or xAPI, Tin Can API is a new specification for learning technology which allows the tracking of a wide range of learning a person can experience whether it is online or offline.

In comparison to SCORM, Tin Can API is a lot more flexible and can record a wide range of experiences outside LMS from serious games and blended learning to simulations and offline learning.



Tin Can API gives organisations the opportunity to record and track data like never before and measure learning goals. People learn every day, everywhere and these activities are now trackable and quantifiable. Through the tracking of both traditional e-learning methods and microlearning, companies now have access to learning patterns and a true picture of their employees’ learning story. This enables them to create future events that better fit their learners’ needs.

How we can help Learning Locker partner

Webanywhere provide hosting and consultancy services and as a Learning Locker Enterprise Partner, we can integrate the Tin Can API into your e-learning platforms.

Learning Locker is an open source Learning Record Store (LRS). Organisations use Learning Locker to store, sort and share learning data which has been generated by their learners. By analysing this data, companies can better understand the learning activities of their workforce, assess the impact of training and development and customise learning experiences based on learners’ past performance.

To find out more about Tin Can and how Webanywhere can help you track your learners’ experiences, please fill in our contact form referencing Tin Can.

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