What is Promatum

Promatum for knowledge management

Promatum is a training  enablement tool to support knowledge sharing and  engagement.

It’s the ideal solution for amplifying learning when time is at a premium. Any content can be transformed into compelling and concise e-learning  modules.

Easily create an immersive  experience for learners.


Promatum facilitates:

  • Rapid content authoring
  • Activity tracking
  • Knowledge searching
  • Group sharing
  • Content tagging
  • Workflow management

Why Promatum?

  • Easy to use
  • SaaS delivery model or hosting on site
  • High level  security
  • Integration with other systems, eg Salesforce
  • Custom development and branding
  • Keep learners engaged with Interactive videos and gamification elements





Learning can be accessed 24/7 using mobiles  or tablets, maximising convenience. Promatum is a learner-centered solution, allowing individuals to top up their knowledge - as and when required.

As life becomes increasingly frantic, learning content needs to be delivered in a fast and engaging format. As we retain more through visual input, video would seem the ideal choice for micro-learning.

The problem is that passively watching  videos doesn’t engage, leading to distraction and learning goals not being met. Delivering learning via Promatum means that the content will be interactive and appealing.



We offer flexible packages for 50, 100 and unlimited active users. Meaning that no matter the size of your business we have a solution to fit your needs.

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