E-Learning Content

Webanywhere work with some of the biggest and best companies in the UK and worldwide to deliver elearning that transforms performance. We can help you too with our custom and rapid elearning content development services.



After needs analysis and consultations to understand your training needs, we will work with you to create engaging online materials that transform training and development for your staff - and even your external partners in an extended enterprise.

Our team of elearning experts includes consultants, project managers, instructional and graphic designers, and multimedia developers.

Whether you need traditional training materials converted to a digital format or new elearning content developed from scratch, we can create fast and effective elearning for a busy workforce - always mobile friendly for learning on the go.

With our range of digital conversion, rapid elearning and custom content development services, we should be able to meet your spec, your timescale and your budget.


Our Process

After a no-obligation   chat to see if you would like our help, here’s what to expect when engaging Webanywhere to develop your elearning content with you:


1. Consultation & Needs Analysis

For us to fully understand your existing training set-up, your learners and your goals.


2. Storyboarding & Instructional Design

Mapping out the journey, key milestones and desired outcomes of your learners.


3. Multimedia Development

Putting the nuts and bolts together - creating text, audio, video, simulations and games as needed to deliver a rich learning experience.


4. The Learning Platform

Publishing your content. We work with the best in open source learning management systems, and are Totara LMS platinum partners and official Moodle partners for the UK. This frees you from vendor lock-in and helps to make both your content and your platform accessible and future-proof.


5. Testing

Thorough QA of the product and its delivery is a given, but we’ll work with you   to ensure that you’re happy and the end result is what you expected.


6. Training & Support

We make elearning easy and fun to use, but we offer full training to make sure you get the best out of it. We are on hand for ongoing support whenever needed.


7. Analytics

Helping you to generate and understand learner data, in order to improve the content and its mode of delivery.



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