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Extended Enterprise

Delivering online training beyond your organisation

Webanywhere can create bespoke Extended Enterprise Learning solutions, delivering online training beyond your organisation. Make partnerships more successful, customers happier, and training content into a revenue stream.

extended enterprise learning

Most businesses are aiming to expand their regional or global footprint, and many are making more and more use of their network to streamline and speed up this growth. This process is Extended Enterprise – developing your network of suppliers, retailers, resellers and even customers into business partners who can work with you in improving and growing your company through knowledge sharing, sales and marketing.

Relying on 3rd parties to help develop your business outside the control of your own four walls brings a new set of challenges – how do you train and support the network sufficiently to maximise the potential of a much wider and diverse group of people, while also maintaining the integrity of your brand?

At Webanywhere we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest and best-known companies, delivering Extended Enterprise eLearning – strengthening partner relationships and profitability, and improving customer satisfaction through online training.

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Through e-commerce integration with the LMS (learning management system), we’ve also helped some of our clients to sell their elearning content – even generating profit from materials developed to train their own staff.

Extended enterprise training for your retailers and VARs (Value Added Resellers) could also deliver accreditations on successful completion. Visible certification can boost their credibility, helping to generate more revenue through them, but also boost the authority of your own brand.

The many benefits of an extended enterprise LMS and learning content include:

cost saving

Cost saving
Less face to face time required, saving travel time for your partners or your consultants.

partner support

Partner support
Strengthening the relationships between you and your suppliers / distributors / resellers.


Adding credibility to your partners and authority to your brand.

customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction
If your customers understand how to use your products, they will be more likely to use, enjoy and recommend them.

revenue generation

Revenue generation 
Why not recoup the costs of developing training materials you have developed by adapting them and selling them online?

risk management

Risk management
Make sure that your partners know how to work with and promote your products and services, minimising risks of mistakes that could be associated with your brand.

speed learning

Learning at the speed of need
Alert partners and customers, and roll-out updated elearning content to thousands of recipients as quickly and easily as you could to an individual.

knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing
Get in-depth data on training effectiveness and content gaps – even product development ideas – all through the LMS.

Interested in the potential benefits of extended enterprise learning for your organisation and its network?

Get in touch with the Workplace Learning team at Webanywhere for an informal discussion of your needs by giving us a call on 0113 3200 750 or send a message via our contact form here.