Skipton Building Society - How e-learning met industry regulations

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Driven by changes in the financial sector, with the FSA becoming the FCA, Skipton Building Society required 13 e-learning rapid content modules to be developed in a very strict time frame.

Webanywhere had just four weeks to propose, plan and implement an e-learning solution that met new industry regulations around blended learning.

What Skipton Building Society Needed

In 2013   the Financial Services Authority (FSA) became the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The move meant that there was an immediate requirement for training within organisations such as Skipton Building Society, with more of a focus on evidence of training and blended learning.

What we had was a number of changes in the business.

As well as the FSA changes, we no longer employ trainers to deliver the learning. So we had to look at a new way of providing the learning. As the training was mainly knowledge-based, we felt e-learning was the best solution.

Michelle Harrison, Learning and Development Manager

Skipton Building Society already used Mohive, an e-learning publishing tool - but only for compliance-based training. Now, they had to create new content for 13 e-learning modules fast, that could be accessed via their Mohive platform. “A lot of the material was already there but we didn’t have the time to storyboard, put together and then implement the new training modules ourselves.” Luckily, meeting Webanywhere at an e-learning event meant Skipton Building Society had someone they knew who could provide the knowledge, the ability and the support to carry out what they required. Webanywhere’s Workplace Learning team were briefed immediately.

The Webanywhere Solution

Knowing Mohive, and how e-learning modules can be created for it, Webanywhere set to work with drawing up the plans for these.

I gathered all the material together for each module.

This included  training for all areas of our business, from mortgages to things like will planning. This is all essential training that employees need to do their job.

Michelle Harrison, Learning and Development Manager

Another challenge was delivering the training from a knowledge-based point of view, in the same way trainers had done in the past. Skipton Building Society worked with Webanywhere to draw up storyboards for the modules - basically mock ups of how each part of the training system would work for the 13 modules.

Storyboarding and planning of the modules was completed well within time, and with Skipton Building Society happy with how these fitted their needs, work began on creating them.


Using Webanywhere meant the 13 modules were all completed well within the timeframe - something, say Skipton Building Society, they couldn’t have done themselves.

Skipton Building Society now have an in-house e-Learning Consultant, who regularly reviews modules, makes necessary changes and carries out any updates. But in terms of the modules themselves, Michelle feels that the system in place now is better than ever.

At this stage it’s early days, but so far we’ve had some positive feedback from employees. We’ve just sent out an annual refresher session, so we’re looking forward to seeing how that goes.

Using Webanywhere’s e-learning modules via Mohive is a better use of resource.

The FSA/FCA changes meant we now had to provide forms of evidence - e-learning now gives us something we can measure.

Michelle Harrison, Learning and Development Manager

The changes aren’t just restricted to the essential requirements either. The fact that Skipton Building Society’s learning resources are now online and available when the employee wants to do it means a more flexible way to train people. Michelle says: “We can now focus on softer skills, and give a more blended learning approach. When it comes to training, Webanywhere has helped us focus on the bigger picture. We achieved everything that we needed to.”


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Skipton Building Society

The fourth largest building society in the UK, Skipton Building Society have 100 branches around the UK, offering mortgages, financial advice, legal planning and more. Established in 1853, the company has £13.8bn of assets and 15 direct subsidiaries. It is headquartered in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

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