JetBlue Airways: A Totara learning platform to improve student experience and scale the administrative oversight of JetBlue Scholars.

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This success story examines how elearning experts at Webanywhere were able to merge core Totara functionality with custom developments for the 5th largest domestic air carrier in the United States.

About JetBlue

JetBlue airways are the 5th largest airline in the USA, employing over 8000 staff and serving 97 destinations. The company founded JetBlue Scholars, as they wanted to organically build a degree completion program to reduce the cost of a college degree by utilizing alternative credit pathways.

Their biggest challenge was that such a program has never existed before, so the systems to manage the program were not available.

What JetBlue Needed From Their ELearning Platform

The solution needed to be cost effective and adaptable to the needs of the JetBlue Scholars program as well as being in line with the branding and company ethos of Jetblue.

The aims of the project were to:

Drive a learning culture and degree programme for JetBlue employees

Provide custom elements to core Totara functionality

Put learning into the context of performance management, talent and development

Support individuals owning their own learning and managers supporting their development

Be able to scale and add features over time.

The Webanywhere  Solution

Webanywhere provided an LMS solution enabling JetBlue to improve the student experience, all while scaling the administrative oversight of the program.

Key Benefits:


  • A scalable, open-source elearning platform.
  • Custom-build system capabilities.
  • Easy to use interface allows users to get the most out of the system.
  • Increased efficiency due to increased scalability.
  • Advanced tracking and performance management


Webanywhere consistently finds creative solutions to development needs as they arise. When changes in scope are necessary, they minimize the impact to the project budget and timeline by merging core Totara functionality with custom developments.

Cody Cleverly, Senior Analyst, Academic Programs



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