Team Communication Messenger   and Collaboration App

Sound Branch is a voice notes app and team communication messenger  that lets you communicate with your team in 10 second audio clips. Talk and listen to the people that matter in your world and grow your own voice in a place where we can all be heard.

Sound Branch


  • User Settings - Control and authenticate users easily
  • Notifications - Instantly get notified of new voice messages
  • Connect Workforce - Connect workers in the field with the office
  • Voice Messaging - Clarity of message
  • Reduce Meetings - Replace some meetings with voice messaging
  • Location Based Services - Track staff locations and conversations
  • 10 Seconds - Listen to voice messages in just 10 seconds
  • Analytics - Make smart decisions based on voice data and keywords
  • Staff On-The-Go - Connect staff on the move
  • Voice to Text - Powerful search of people thoughts and conversations


Voice search is coming and 50% of people will be using their voice to search the internet by 2020. With this sweeping change in technology and users not needing to touch their screens, opportunities for new platforms and media will emerge. Sound Branch is one of those platforms that take advantage of voice technology connecting human beings.

Sound Branch also makes micro-podcasting available to people and lets everyone grow their voice in new ways. Talk to your colleagues around the world and broaden your horizons!

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