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A simple, mobile-friendly content management system (CMS) for microlearning, online learning and knowledge sharing for modern professionals.

Promatum is a training enablement tool to support knowledge sharing and engagement.

It’s the ideal solution for amplifying learning when time is at a premium. Any content can be transformed into compelling and concise e-learning modules.

Easily create an immersive experience for learners.

Key Features

  • Rapid content authoring allows you to seamlessly create and share rich HTML5 content directly in the system, such as interactive video, image hot spots and more.
  • Peer-to-peer Q&A enables users to ask questions and receive answers from their peers. Answers can be commented and voted on.
  • Tin Can/xAPI-ready reporting provides unique reporting features.
  • Easy implementation and tracking with Moodle and Totara learning management systems and CRMs, such as Salesforce.
  • The activity timeline, tracking and notifications with seminar-based training management, self-service and manager approval booking, and attendance tracking.
  • Completely customizable, so you can easily incorporate your company’s logo and branding.
  • Roles and workflow management with Promatum allows you give specific user permissions to build, publish and administer the system. The content has different states depending on the stage of development, such as Draft, Needs Review, Published and Archived.
  • Flexible groups and user management allow users to be grouped together automatically based on configurable logic.
  • Search, bookmark and social share capabilities allow your learners to easily bookmark, search for or filter by key terms and content types and ‘like’ and share content via email and social media.

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Why Promatum?

Learning can be accessed 24/7 using mobiles or tablets, maximising convenience. Promatum is a learner-centered solution, allowing individuals to top up their knowledge – as and when required.

  • Easy to use
  • SaaS delivery model or hosting on site
  • High level security
  • Integration with other systems, eg Salesforce
  • Custom development and branding
  • Keep learners engaged with Interactive videos and gamification elements
promatum knowledge sharing

As life becomes increasingly frantic, learning content needs to be delivered in a fast and engaging format. As we retain more through visual input, video would seem the ideal choice for micro-learning.

The problem is that passively watching videos doesn’t engage, leading to distraction and learning goals not being met. Delivering learning via Promatum means that the content will be interactive and appealing.


We offer flexible packages for 50, 100 and unlimited active users. Meaning that no matter the size of your business we have a solution to fit your needs.

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