We take pride in amazing mobile apps for schools

Our school mobile apps are designed with the same themes and branding as your school, for a harmonious user experience. Your app will connect parents with their kids and kids with their school work. We have three mobile apps available offering a range of features. 

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Jotter Mobile - Bridging the Gap

This innovative app keeps parents engaged by sending all the essential information straight to their phones. They’ll have access to regularly updated information:

  • News - keep up to date with the very latest items
  • Calendar - term dates, important events and parents evenings
  • Newsletter - share PDF or Word newsletters
  • Galleries - with a School Jotter website you can upload photos to share
  • Alerts - free push notifications for urgent messages and reminders
  • Contacts - let parents know who to contact and how
  • Maps - share useful locations of sports events or school trips
  • Links - add quick links to useful information such as Ofsted and policies
  • Homework - see what homework has been set and if it’s been completed
  • Forms - submit forms found on the school website, such as for absence
  • Surveys - take part in surveys posted on the website
  • Parents' Evening Booking System - parents can book appointments online
  • Send free instant messages - no more buying text credits


Informed parents are far more likely to stay engaged and interested with what’s going on. Although a standalone product, the app syncs automatically when a School Jotter website is updated, saving precious admin time. As well as all this functionality, Jotter Mobile comes beautifully themed to reflect your school’s brand and ethos.

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Moodle Mobile - Learning on the Go

With Moodle Mobile, students can work anywhere, anytime. This app even works when online. By regularly syncing with the LMS, users can carry out tasks even when online; the app features:

  • -Access files, folders, books, pages, urls and labels
  • -View course activities and download materials
  • -Complete assignments, quizzes and surveys
  • -Chat in forums and answer multiple-choice questions
  • -Receive instant notifications of messages and other events
  • -Quickly find and contact other people on your courses
  • -Upload images, audio, videos and other files.
  • -View your course grades

For today’s self-paced mobile natives, the Moodle Mobile app is an essential piece of m-learning software. The app’s customised theme will mirror your school’s character.

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