We have built a strong customer base in South East Asia and are the preferred partner for many institutions in the education sector, the corporate sector and the public sector. We are a UK based e-Learning specialist. If you are interested to get to know more about various e-Learning systems then visit our Indonesian website and contact us!



We already are the trusted provider for several schools in Malaysia. We are also official a Totara partner and are able to offer customised e-Learning solutions and web design services. Whether you are a business or a school, our virtual learning environments (VLE) and e-portfolios will address your needs and improve learning in many different ways in your institution. Visit our Malaysian website and enquire to find out about the best solutions that address your needs! We've teamed up with Microsoft as an Authorised Educational Reseller to offer Office 365 and Moodle integration for Malaysia.


New Zealand

Because of our official partnerships with  Totara  as well as our presence in NZ, we are the preferred partner for schools and businesses in New Zealand. Our e-Learning solutions are customised and address the individual issues. Visit our New Zealand website and get in touch with us!



Visit our website for the Philippines and discover how our e-Learning solutions may benefit you! We are official partner  of  Totara and are the provider of choice for more than 4,000 schools and businesses across the world. Get in touch with us for more information!



Singapore being very advanced in terms of e-Learning solutions it is essential that every organisation evaluates different e-Learning options. The school system is similar to the UK which make our platforms easily integratable with the schools' curriculums. We are official Totara partner. If you are looking for a trusted and experienced e-Learning provider then visit our website and get in touch with us!

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