E-Learning in China becomes more popular, with many different providers trying to build up a reputation. Webanywhere is a UK based company with a decade of experience in this field. We were one of the first UK companies providing specialised e-Learning solutions to schools and businesses. We are partner of the open source provider    Totara    and have a proven track record of providing customised virtual learning environments (VLE), e-portfolios and web design services. If you are interested how we can help you then visit our Chinese website and contact us for information specific to your requirements!


Hong Kong

Webanywhere is a UK based company and an e-Learning specialist in the education-, business- and public sector. Based on our experience and our track record we are the preferred partner for thousands of schools and businesses around the world. We are official Moodle and    Totara      partner and are able to provide you with best in class e-Learning solutions. Enquire today to find out more!


Webanywhere is an expert in providing customised e-Learning solutions. From VLEs (virtual learning environments) to e-portfolios and web design services, Webanywhere ensures a tailored to your needs system that will exceed your expectations! Webanywhere is the global partner of choice for thousands of organisations and schools. We are official Moodle partner and are experts in building VLEs on Moodle. The same counts for Totara, as official partner we are also experts in using this platform. Visit our Indian website and enquire to get to know more about the various options you might not even know about yet!



Japan is a technological country that needs to have the most advanced e-Learning systems that are out there. Webanywhere is able to provide exactly these expert programs. Easy to use and rich in functionality, the best of both worlds. Be it a school or a business, any organisation can benefit by employing customised systems. Visit our website and contact us for more information!


Sri Lanka

Webanywhere provides various e-Learning systems such as virtual learning environments (VLE) as well as e-Portfolios. We have implemented our systems around the world and are the trusted partner of the open source providers Moodle  and    Totara. We will work closely together with our client in order to provide a system that is tailored to your needs. If you would like to know the different options that are available to you then visit our website and contact us!



Webanywhere's e-Learning solutions are the result of more than a decade of experience. Our solutions are tailored to your needs and we make sure that it addresses the issues you are trying to solve and that it will help you to achieve your objectives. We are official Totara and Moodle partner and have implemented these systems in businesses and schools around the world. Visit our website and get in touch with us!



Are you looking for e-Learning solutions for your business or your school? Then you do not need to look further. Webanywhere advises you regarding which systems would be most suitable to your particular needs and has extensive experience of implementing e-Learning systems around the world. Our best in class solutions facilitate a great learning environment that has been unknown before. Get in touch with us to find out about your options today!


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