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Since 2003, Webanywhere has gone from being a UK school website  provider to an international e-learning company with corporate, government, not-for-profit  and education  clients worldwide. Jump straight to:
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or browse the sections below for details of what we do across the globe and to find dedicated websites for most major countries.

Webanywhere North America

We have had North American clients for several years, including well-known corporate organisations, schools and colleges. Click above to learn more and view our websites for North America. We also  have an e-learning blog at  www.webanywhere.com/our-blog/    for US industry issues, services and advice. 

Webanywhere Asia

Webanywhere offer learning management systems and websites to corporate organisations and international schools in Asia. Click above for more information and links to our websites for China, India, Hong Kong and other Asian countries.

Webanywhere Europe

We have had clients throughout Europe for many years. These include government-run and international schools, businesses and universities. In 2011, we opened an office in Poland and in 2012 strengthening our presence in mainland Europe.

Webanywhere Africa

We have a number of clients on on the African continent. Click above to learn more and visit our sites for South Africa and Nigeria.

Webanywhere Latin America

We have been building partnerships with organisations in Latin America and have several websites in the Spanish language.

Webanywhere Middle East

Webanywhere have a number of clients in the Middle East and North Africa. We have dedicated websites for this region in English and Arabic.

Webanywhere Pacific

We have a number of public and private sector clients across the Pacific region. View our dedicated website for countries here, including Australia, the Philippines and New Zealand.

Global  e-Learning Solutions

Webanywhere offer a wide range of solutions for local or international schools, public sector bodies, businesses and not-for-profit organisations. These include open source learning management systems such as Moodle and Totara LMS, e-portfolios with our own Learner Journey system, and CMS websites. For thousands of schools, we provide School Jotter, the most popular education-specific website builder in the UK, which is also used worldwide.

As well as  providing the best in open source LMS solutions to several Fortune 500 companies. Webanywhere has  a global  client base, working   across North America, mainland Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

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