Manage Homework in Moodle

Designed and built as a homework-management plugin especially for Moodle, Homeworkanywhere is designed to make homework management easier for teachers, students and their parents.

Homeworkanywhere allows its users to plan, track and submit homework all within a familiar and comfortable Moodle environment. With simple to use reporting tools both teachers and parents are able to see how efficient students are when it comes to completing and submitting their homework.

All you need to do is get in touch, and we can start to make homework management more effective at your school.

Why use Homeworkanywhere?

For teachers
You're able to plan homework ahead of time - set it to be both released and accepted at predefined points, you can then mark it simply through the Moodle interface.

For students
All students will have their entire homework completion process automated - no more worrying about forgetting work or losing it as it's all saved online.

For parents
Allow parents to track their childs progress through the Homework block - no need for termly report cards as they can get an update on their child at all times.

Simply contact us, to get started with Homeworkanywhere and start improving your overall homework management.

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