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What is hiring with voice notes?

As a more personable way to organise your recruitment process, hiring with voice notes helps you differentiate yourself from the competition. Wheather you are a recruitment agency or a candidate there is no need to schedule late-night telephone interviews.

Audio Profiles

Audio profiles are made up of voice notes. You can play candidates’ experience in chronological order or you can jump straight to a particular section or skill to play the voice note.

You can also play peer reviews, which are testimonials to validate the credentials of a person.

Audio profiles with voice notes is a great way forward.

Amazing Features

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AI sentiment analysis helps you listen and understand the messages delivered by candidates.

Voice messages are less daunting than videos and more effective than traditional email.


Reduce waste in your hiring process by testing candidates’ communication skills early on.

Especially in certain careers such as sales communication and customer service, the communication skills of a candidate are of high importance.


Playing back conversations reduces the chances for miscommunication and speeds up your hiring.

Live transcription means all audio is transcribed to text which leads to reduced administration.


HR departments and recruiters call chase commercial references and referees. The process is reactive rather than proactive.

Audio references provide an authentic and verifiable way to validate hiring decisions.

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