Working From Home: How to Use eLearning to Support Remote Workers

Working from home has transformed the professional lives of many employees during the Coronavirus pandemic, shifting from ‘something other people do’ to suddenly become a staple of everyday life. Remote working is proving a challenging change of pace for staff at many businesses as a result, but there are some ready answers available to help ease the transition. 

If you’ve had conversations with employees about how to work from home whilst also continuing their professional development, elearning could be the answer you’re looking for. We’ve broken down some of the key benefits to online learning when so many staff are in the unfamiliar position of needing to work from home.

Here are five of the biggest benefits to using practical and informative eLearning services to support remote workers during the Coronavirus outbreak and beyond:

Grow Skill Sets to Drive Career Development 

Although we’re working in hugely challenging circumstances, that doesn’t mean professional development needs to be put on hold. From your most experienced employees to recent recruits, everyone can benefit from continued learning — even the most knowledgeable colleagues will have skill gaps that could unlock new opportunities for their career development. 

On the other side of the coin, this is proving a difficult time to onboard recent recruits for many businesses. Employers may have had very little time to spend with new staff before the sudden shift to remote working transformed the way that so many of us interact. You can make sure all bases are covered using eLearning training solutions, helping to ensure new recruits are in the best possible position to grow within the business.

Encourage Communication and Collaboration

Social learning, also known as modelling, is an exciting new trend in workplace training that encourages us to share our skills and knowledge with colleagues. This is also a great way to improve communication between employees, which is a vital part of successful remote working — especially at a time when talking points may be thin on the ground due to lockdown.

When speaking to staff about their ongoing training courses, ask them to think about how the new skills they’ve picked up could also benefit their teammates. This can be the trigger for improved communication and collaboration within the wider business, encouraging your people to reach out to colleagues they don’t usually have the reason or opportunity to engage with.

Keep Your People Motivated

We’re all entitled to feel out of sorts in these unprecedented times, which makes it all the more important to be able to add some variety to our days. Getting away from some of the day-to-day aspects of our work can keep us focused, provide a change of perspective and help break up days that have the potential to blend into one another.

Online training courses can provide a welcome change in our schedules and help stimulate brains that have been contained to the same environment for weeks on end. For inspiration on how to create new training materials for your team, why not explore our quick guide to what should be included in a training and development plan?

Boost Engagement and Commitment

According to Forbes, providing the right resources and training to help employees thrive within their role is a vital factor in improving employee engagement. Businesses who go the extra mile to show they care about their workers’ development needs can benefit from increased commitment and loyalty among staff. 

If you’re keen to learn more about boosting levels of engagement and enthusiasm in employees who are working remotely, take a look at our handy infographic for some additional insights. At Webanywhere, we’ve seen a wide range of inspiring success stories from businesses who have implemented eLearning solutions to help their teams meet their full potential.

Improve Results at Your Business

Last but by no means least, a motivated and knowledgeable team of employees can only be good news for your business. By unlocking the abilities of your staff, you can lay the groundwork for success now and in the future. Your people are the number one resource for your business, so it makes perfect sense to invest in them and help them grow.

Introducing a learning management system (LMS) to your business is a great option for building practical and engaging web-based training materials for your team. We provide bespoke and fully comprehensive enterprise learning through Totara Learn, so you can continue to inspire staff development and tackle the challenges of homeworking head on.

What benefits has your team seen from using eLearning courses? Get in touch with us on Twitter or LinkedIn to share your inspirational success stories and tips for keeping everyone motivated in lockdown conditions.