Autumn 2015 conferences and exhibitions – What’s trending in the World of elearning? Part 3

With World of Learning and Devlearn opening their doors this week and, with one month to go before Learning@work, we conclude our preview of trending topics with Social Learning and learning theories such as “Working out loud” and the Kirkpatrick model.

Social Learning
With the explosion of social media the recent years, organisations are rethinking their learning strategy to include social tools. Social learning has gained some real momentum over the last 12 months, with the emergence of Enterprise Social Networks such as Totara Social. In a nutshell, social learning is learning from each other through collaboration, sharing and networking using tools such as forums and blogs and shared content. To find out more, download our Social Learning White Paper 2015.

Learning theories such as “Working out loud” and Kirkpatrick
New learning theories emerge everyday. One that is getting some momentum is “working out loud” which is about making your contribution visible by narrating and doing your work in public in a way that it helps other people. Used in the Workplace, it allows employees to understand what everyone is working on, encourages knowledge sharing, improves decision process and avoids duplication of efforts. Implementing it can take time but it can be well worth it in the long run.
As far as Kirkpatrick’s model is concerned, although it dates back from the fifties, its four level of evaluation theory is still very relevant. It has even been given a facelift with the addition of a fifth level and can really help to evaluate your learning programme.

Whether you are in the UK, US or Australia, the upcoming elearning shows are well worth a visit to understand the current and future trends and be well prepared for an ever changing market.