Autumn 2015 conferences and exhibitions – What’s trending in the World of elearning? Part 1

trade shows

Autumn is a busy time for elearning across the Globe, with trade shows such as World of Learning (UK), DevLearn (USA) and Learning@work (Australia) all happening in September and October 2015.

Thousands of visitors are expecting to flood these conferences with the same objectives; to find out more about the latest trends in training in the workplace, learning and development, elearning and how new technologies are revolutionising the market. So ahead of the shows, over the next few days, we will look at the big topics that will be on everyone’s agenda this Autumn.

Today, we explore the changing role of HR and Learning & Development professionals and the future of blended learning.

The evolving role of HR
Increasingly, HR professionals have to take on a more strategic, business-focused role within their organisations. Business leaders are asking them to be actively involved in staying ahead of the competition and generating revenues through the recruitment and retention of talent. HR teams have to manage their employer brand, have a strong CPD strategy and ensure they get return from their investment in training. They have to continuously adapt to fit their business and staff’s expectations. You can read more about the changing role of HR in our HR Manager’s blog.

The future of Blended Learning
Blended learning is not a new concept, but it‘s continuing to evolve. With the increasing spread of new technology and in particular mobile technology, elearning is becoming widely used, but the biggest trend is learners’ engagement. The learning experience must be learner-centered, personalised, mobile, engaging and supported by a strong interactive blended approach. More emphasis must be put on User Experience (UX) along with fun and engaging content.

Tune in tomorrow to find out more about onboarding and gamification.