Webanywhere releases Audience Management in partnership with Totara LMS

The recent launch of Totara 2.2 added some important new functionality to the innovative open source Learning Management System.  In this post we will look at the new Audience Management feature, developed by Webanywhere in partnership with Totara, and how it will prove invaluable for large organisations.

So what’s the hype over Audience Management?

Audience Management helps HR and training departments to make the most of the data set already at their disposal, creating dynamic user groups to enable more targeted training. functionality makes workplace training more effective, and more efficient to administer.

Totara 2.2 allows you to sync all your HR data and training records directly into the Totara database.  Administrators can then easily create groups of learners on the basis of rule and rule-set combinations

This can be based on:

  • Job role:
  • Location
  • Learning requirements
  • Timeframes (e.g. when a user started at the organisation or last logged in to the system)

Any combination of rules can be specified to automatically identify staff members with similar needs, experience or responsibilities across an organisation, and enroll them on relevant training courses.  This means you are able to give the learner a more personalised experience, and saves significant time for HR and training departments by automatically managing the needs of large number of learners.

Webanywhere is a Platinum Totara Partner, and contributed to the development of this great new feature. Watch this space for a case study; in the meantime if you’re interested in learning more about Totara LMS audience management, or would like to see it in action, please get in touch.

About Totara

Totara has been taking the Learning Management Systems market by storm. Based on the worlds most popular learning platform, Totara has been tailored for the particular needs of workplace learning,

Totara is open-source meaning there are no per-user licence fees to pay, and that the product continues to evolve because of a global network of collaborators. The cost-effectiveness and flexibility of the system means Totara is increasingly the LMS of choice, with organisations such as Safeway Inc, Vodafone, Tesco, Sony and Michelin using Totara for their workplace training.