Webanywhere named within top 8 LMSs.

In a recent report, Totara has been listed as one of the best learning management systems for workplace learning. In that same report, Webanywhere has been named one of the leading experts in Totara.

The report which highlighted the top 8 performing learning management systems that are specifically adapted for the needs of workplace learning was published by Learning Light.

Founded in 2005, Sheffield-based Learning Light provide advice and support to organisations seeking to use elearning and learning technologies. A research-led company, they help businesses, education / training providers, not-for-profit organisations or government departments who are looking for elearning solutions, consultancy and advice.

Webanywhere has been an official Totara partner. We are one of the largest Totara partners worldwide. We provide Totara platforms for clients across diverse markets including education, healthcare, retail, technology and finance. We are also an approved learning platform supplier to the UK Government Procurement Service.

As highlighted in Learning Light’s article, Totara is open-source. It is also highly configurable delivering a low-risk core platform for continual professional development, performance management, training and ongoing assessment.

As standard, the Totara LMS provides a wide range of features including;

  • Management and tracking of diverse e-learning resources such as audio, video, PDFs…
  • Integration with Open Badges, Active Directory, Google Drive & YouTube and other systems
  • Discussion forums
  • Surveys and quizzes
  • Wide range of types of assignments such as online submission of uploading files
  • Interactive tools including Wikis, workshops etc to encourage student-led learning
  • More than 70 language customisable packs available
  • Chat rooms for group discussions in a secure environment

We have developed platforms for a wide range of clients including Domino’s, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, Burnley Football Club and the British Safety Council which, with 1.5m users, is by far our largest Totara implementation. Click here to read more about our success stories.


Webanywhere for Workplace learning