Webanywhere establishes corporate team in Philadelphia

Due to the significant and increasing global demand for business solutions based on web 2.0 and open source technologies, Webanywhere has now established a corporate team in Philadelphia, United States.

Having already enjoyed recent US success in the education sector, Webanywhere is now experiencing an upsurge in interest from the corporate training and development sector. As a result, the Yorkshire-based company is extending its e-learning technology services to US based business organisations.

Webanywhere Head of Corporate Operations, Conor Gilligan, commented “Following our encouraging growth figures in the first quarter of 2011, we feel our US business will expand rapidly in the coming months. The corporate e-learning market in the UK has already been disrupted as more organisations look to deploy enterprise-wide open source LMS packages, such as Totara, as a much more cost-effective e-learning platform that incurs no license fees. Open source e-learning is now something corporates feel comfortable with and see longevity in.”

Webanywhere is also seeking suitable candidates for a number of job opportunities that exist in the US and UK offices. For more information visit our websites at www.webanywhere.co.uk and www.webanywhere.us.