Totara Recipe 9 – Become A Product Guru

The fictitious Acme Corporation has come up with their latest innovation – a dog-walking robot. Sounds like a fantastic idea for pooch lovers, however anyone involved in marketing these robots will need to know how they work, who might want to buy one, and if there are any possible hazards. So how can you ensure everyone in your extended enterprise network are product gurus, knowing everything there is to know about whatever you sell? This recipe should help.


  • Flexible and scalable LMS (choose open source for the best quality)
  • Instructional Designer (ID)
  • Product details: components, materials, usage


Compile a list of everyone in your extended enterprise network, from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to potential customers. Everyone on the list needs to become a product guru.


  • Assign someone to compile in-depth knowledge of all products and share with the ID.
  • Ensure learning is engaging through using:
    • Interactive videos and other visually rich media to aid retention
    • Quizzes to consolidate learning
    • Social learning platforms such as forums for collaboration
  • Enable access to product modules anytime, anywhere, using mobile devices.
  • (optional) Provide a phone app that allows learning to continue even when offline.
  • Make the product modules available to your entire extended enterprise network: OEM, channel partners, suppliers, distributors, dealers, customer experience operatives, and customers.

Serve and enjoy!

By ensuring that everyone in the supply chain understands a product inside and out, potential buyers will automatically have more confidence in you and your organisation. This means that at any point in a customer’s journey, they will know that their point of contact will be able to provide effective help. Now if only there was a dog-walking robot!

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