Totara Recipe 7 – Engaging Systems Training

You’ve purchased a new system at work or want to train staff on an existing platform.

Where do you start?

One-off training is no longer an option, and the most successful companies are following recipes similar to the one outlined below.


  • A flexible learning management system
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Training plans relevant to user (i.e. new hire, existing staff)
  • Engaging content
  • KPIs – what is your definition of successful training?
Totara Recipe 7 - Systems Training (thumbnail)
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  • Work out what you want to achieve from the systems training. Will this be the same for all users?
  • Existing system – Assess your learners’ capabilities to pitch the training at the correct level.
  • New system – Win the emotional investment in the new system from your employees. This will be a disruptive change to the way your people work.
  • Set up accounts for all users. For new hires, ensure this is actioned well in advance so they can get up to speed prior to starting work.  


  • For a new system, start training before it goes live on the end user’s device to ensure they are up to speed with the system on day one.
  • Don’t explain everything to everyone in one go. Create specific modules for the role or job function to increase the relevancy of the training.
  • Get beyond show and tell. Make systems training fun through gamification by rewarding users with badges, levels and motivate with interactive elements.
  • Use reporting tools and analytics to gather metrics on the effectiveness and performance of users.
  • Create a mechanism for ongoing support.

Serve and enjoy!

  • Employee efficiency – After training, employees will use the system more effectively, quicker and make fewer errors.
  • More motivated staff – Engaging training and system knowledge breeds confidence in your staff to work.  
  • Increase ROI – A fit-for-purpose system and trained staff will boost the ROI of any systems investment.

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