Totara Recipe 11 – Retaining Millennials

The millennial generation (known as Gen Y) are those born after 1981, and they typically have excellent computer skills. However, unlike previous generations, they are more likely to leave their employer if they fail to get the support and encouragement they need at work.

So how do you retain this valuable part of the workforce? Here is a quick recipe for millennial retention success.


  • A modern and scalable LMS configured with:
    • Personal profiles including bios and pictures
    • Communities
    • Customised schedules and alerts
    • Social learning tools
  • A mentorship program
  • Mobile-ready courses for learning anytime, anywhere

Totara Recipe_11 - Retaining Millennials

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  • Communicate your positive company ethos. Millennials look beyond profit and loss when they decide to stick with a company.
  • Millennial learners are increasingly from a diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. Ensure that your content is not only engaging but appropriate.
  • What is the learning motive? Make sure the training is relevant so the skills and knowledge learned can be applied to the real world.


  • Collaboration: Millennials flourish in social environments. This makes them ideal candidates for collaborative elearning strategies.
  • Micro-learning: Bite-sized content is more likely to appeal to millennials as this doesn’t require a long attention span!
  • Gamification: This is a generation brought up on gaming. Make courses more engaging with levels, badges and rewards to motivate learners.
  • Consistent feedback: Thanks to social media sites, millennials are used to receiving and giving feedback. Use this to further improve your systems.

Serve and enjoy!

  • Engaged millennials who are in tune with your company ethos.
  • Increase staff retention and reduced spend on new hires.
  • A collaborative workplace where everyone everyone pitches in to share learning ideas.

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