Totara Recipe 10 – Implementing An LMS

Selecting the right learning management system (LMS) is only half the battle. To get the most out of your new LMS, you need to know how to effectively administer and integrate it into your organisational structure. This easy recipe will help you successfully launch your LMS within your company.


  • Learning management system
  • Team
  • Project plan
  • Timeline
  • Content
Totara 10 - LMS
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  • Have a clearly defined list of expectations and goals in place
  • Get five or six team members on board to oversee the administration, technical support and content management of your new LMS
  • Appoint one person as the team leader, and another person to create a training strategy once the new system has been installed


Now it’s time formulate a realistic timeline. Ask your vendor for a configuration checklist or sheet. Collectively draw a flexible project plan from where you are and where you want to get to after the LMS launch.

Liaise with your LMS hosting provider and technicians to ensure that it is working seamlessly with other related systems such as your CRM and back-office systems. Integrate to get the most out of your tracking and reporting across all platforms.

For testing purposes, you need to have a minimal set of LMS-compliant training content ready to go. This could include videos, audio recordings, spreadsheets, handouts and quizzes. Create a couple of courses for every planned use case of your LMS.

Test your new LMS before it goes live. Act as though you are the user and carry out a variety of tasks. Do a soft launch where you test your setup with a select sample of end users, survey them on their experience and fix any issues.

Serve and enjoy!

  • Remember to keep everyone in the organisation informed of your launch plan
  • Measure the success of phase one rollout against your training goals
  • Roll out new and exciting features to keep your learners coming back for more
  • Stay in contact with your vendor to learn about new functionality and features

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