Totara – a social learning solution for your business


‘’Complement the organising power of the LMS with Totara Social – fun, social, effective!’’

As discussed previously, social learning is a vital part of any modern organisation. Today, we will talk about Totara – an online learning platform that offers different solutions to meet the needs of  your business. If you want to engage your employees in social learning, Totara Social is the solution that your business needs. Totara Social is an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) –  a specially designed social learning platform that can help to foster collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing across your organisation.


The pressure to provide staff with dedicated learning time is an ever mounting concern, but social learning fits itself around busy schedules. Taking the time to read one or two articles of a guaranteed quality about relevant subjects fits well around the workday, and users can consult each other for quick help.

”In 2015, 4.2% of training hours were delivered via social learning’’

”89% of Millennials are using Social Media’’

Social media and sharing aren’t just for entertainment, it’s a new tool affecting the way we conduct our lives. If businesses want to engage the upcoming generation and reap the benefits of a fully connected workforce then social learning will have to top the agenda. Online based social learning is a a great opportunity for improving learning at the workplace because most employees are already familiar with social media and other technology. Therefore, finding the right social learning platform can be a very powerful tool for learning more efficiently.

”Only 10% of learning is formal. 70% is on-the-job and 20% is social”


Main features of Totara Social:

Get social. Totara Social allows employees to create personal profiles, find and make connections, create groups, share what they know – all in a secure environment.

Work better together. Teams can collaborate and share documents, set up projects and manage to-do lists, propose and vote on ideas and ask questions.

Create, Remix and Share. Create content, add web pages, use your favourite tools and embed external media, pull in Google Apps, add recent blog or forum posts, videos and more.

Skills profile. Create talent pools, a digital resumé or an extended profile with a range of flexible fields.

Engage with Comments, Forums, Chat.

Totara Social can provide some of the most advanced features in the learning management sphere.

Get the best value LMS for your business

Totara’s powerful LMS and Social learning platforms are now available in the Cloud which  is designed for those who need a fully featured learning management system that will grow and adapt as your business needs change.

Totara Cloud is an open source software and it is designed to offer easy, cost effective access to a full featured LMS and Social learning platform with inclusive hosting, backups and support.


‘’Totara LMS can produce an ROI 80% higher than other competitors. This is due to there being no per-user licence fees involved in the software. It is available on an annual subscription basis which includes expert support and regular upgrades as new features are developed’’.

Totara LMS is sector independent and it is used by a variety of organisations from large blue chip companies to small SME and the third sector. Over 120 institutions have selected Totara to be their LMS of choice. Webanywhere worked with brands like Zara, Tesco, IBM Healthcare and Michelin.

Choose Totara Social as a perfect social learning platform for your employees!

More information about Totara here