Things to see at Learning Technologies 2016

Learning Technologies 2016 is just around the corner, and Europe’s leading L&D exhibition and conference is expected to be bigger and better than ever. With 250 leading exhibitors, 150 free seminars and 70 conference speakers, event provides a unique opportunity to learn all about the latest learning technology trends and to find the best solutions for anyone involved in workplace learning.


It is clear that technology is shaping our daily lives in significant ways. Corporate learning is no exception and with technology evolving and changing rapidly, it is important to recognise the trends that can be key to the development of successful workplace learning strategies. Digital should be a key feature in any successful learning strategy because it helps to share knowledge, reduce costs, discover new ideas and increase engagement. And these are just few of the benefits!

A number of the trends that will shape the workplace learning industry in 2016 do already exist, but they are expected to become even more significant factors in the upcoming year. Here is a list of suggested seminars to keep an eye on when you visit Learning Technologies 2016. I am certain that they will help you to stay up to date with some of the workplace learning trends of 2016.

Some of the main trends recently discussed in the workplace learning sector include: gamification, mobile learning, wearable technology, social learning and personalised learning. And of course, one of the hottest learning technology trends – virtual reality! Although there are more trends related to learning technologies, these are the trends that seem to be some of the most popular topics discussed in the seminars of Learning Technologies 2016.

If you are new to the concept of the workplace learning and the technologies that are used to support the workplace learning or if you want to find out more about the latest learning technology trends in general, visit one of the following seminars. A selection of paid and free seminars will cover the importance of workplace learning management systems (LMS) as well as they will look into the latest learning technology trends that are expected to shape the way your employees learn.

Future Technology and learning – T1S1. ‘New technologies, new ways of working and learning’ by Rudy de Waele

11:10 – 12:20, 03 Feb 2016, Track 1. Rudy de Waele is here to guide us through an eye-opening, data-backed view of the future which explores the extraordinary impact technology will have on the way we work, learn and live. From the Internet of Things to the changing nature of work to increasingly pervasive connectivity, Rudy will reveal how learning will be key to individual and organisational success in the future, but will also show how it will be very different. 

Learning systems – T3S2. ‘Maximizing the value and impact of your LMS’ by Andrew Lax, Drew Clare and Caleb Foster

13:50 – 15:00, 03 Feb 2016, Track 3. Your Learning Management System (LMS) is a substantial investment — how do you make the most of it once you’ve implemented it? In this session we hear from three experiences of LMS implementation and use — what did they learn, and what can we learn from them?

Emerging technologies – T1S3. ‘A look ahead: the now and the next of learning and technology’ by David Kelly

15:30 – 16:40, 03 Feb 2016, Track 1. Technology continues to advance rapidly, changing how we live and interact with the world around us. Today’s learning professionals face the challenge of staying ahead of this curve, tracking the technologies that are shaping the future of organisational learning, while at the same time recognising technologies that may be more of a passing fad. Join David Kelly for an exploration of the changing face of the learning technology landscape.

FREE seminar. ‘Finding true north in the digital storm: 2016’s key trends in learning, development and technology’ by Stuart Chadwick and Nina Brebner

11:45 – 12:15, 03 Feb 2016, Theatre 4. Based on interviews with leading businesses, our report contains valuable views and predictions on what’s going on out there in learning, development and technology. We’re looking at lessons we can learn from the past – and forward to what L&D leaders see as their priorities for the coming year. Are we saying the same things or is our world changing?

FREE seminar. ‘Elearning and development with CPFT’ by Aja Rennie

15:30 – 16:00, 03 Feb 2016, Theatre 2.

FREE seminar. ‘What are the top technology trends that will influence your team in 2016?’ by Denise Hudson

13:15 – 13:45, 03 Feb 2016, Theatre 8. Larry will share his vast customer experience and the latest technology trends he’s witnessing that will impact you and your team this year.  This will be a highly informative session backed up by the findings of Pluralsight’s recent business impact survey. Not to be missed.

FREE seminar. ‘LMS in a changing digital world: how to engage tech-savvy learners’ by Lewis John

14:00 – 14:30, 03 Feb 2016, Theatre 11. When your LMS user is your client, it really focuses you to create a great experience! See what Iris and City & Guilds Kineo achieved with Samsung for their retail platform. We’ll be sharing fresh approaches to the LMS that create real engagement in a tech-savvy world, including high end UX, mobile, digital badges, rewards, games, ecommerce and social learning.

If you are interested in a specific trend of learning technologies, visit one of the following seminars as they feature some of the latest trends of 2016.


Games and learning – T4S5. ‘Gamification at large and in learning: what can we learn from elsewhere?’ by Pete Jenkins

13:50 – 15:00, 04 Feb, 2016, Track 4. Games and gamification are hot topics in learning. Learn what gamification is and how it differs from games; the psychology that makes gamification so powerful; which game mechanics work and in what situations. Pete Jenkins, expert and lecturer in gamification, will look at a broad range of case studies from other industries where gamification is used successfully, as well as examples from gamifying learning.

FREE seminar. ‘Love to learn! Ideas for using multi-device games & video in elearning’ by Louise Pasterfield

11:00 – 11:30, 03 Feb 2016, Theatre 5. This seminar will explore ideas for taking multi-device elearning to the next level with the use of games and video. Showcasing real-life examples, it will consider how you can enrich elearning by combining the latest innovative technologies for effective results.

FREE seminar. ‘Gamification: your secret weapon against zombie learners’ by Juliette Denny

11:45 – 12:15, 03 Feb 2016, Theatre 7. Delegates will learn:

-The right way to implement gamification in any aspect of organisational life.

-The wrong way to implement gamification.

-More than anything else, we hope to underline why gamification is an effective tool.

FREE seminar. ‘Gamification – how to excite and engage your learners in 2016’ by Mike Byrne

12:30 – 13.00, 03 Feb 2016, Theatre 6. Netex can help you gamify your existing solution – content or platform.

Going Mobile

Mobile delivery – T1S4. ‘Driving learning with the latest in mobile delivery’ by Geoff Stead

11:10 – 12:20, 04 Feb 2016, Track 1.  In this session popular Learning Technologies speaker Geoff Stead returns to update us on the latest developments in using mobile and other emerging technologies for learning and support.

FREE seminar. ‘Learning and performance on the move: how do we support the mobile worker?’ by Genny Dixon

11:00 – 11:30, 03 Feb 2016, Theatre 11. 90% of individuals now have mobile phones and tablets, 29% of individuals learn what they need to do their job on the way to work. In some companies, over 50% of staff regularly work from home or remotely. Fewer people than ever before have fixed places of work, so how can L&D professionals better support mobile workers?

FREE seminar. ‘Micro learning and the rise of mobile’ by Alex Noble

10:15 – 10:45, 04 Feb 2016, Theatre 2.

Wearable Technology

FREE seminar. ‘Smart Glasses: Smart Working – how Smart Glasses are changing the way we learn and work’ by Sambit Mohapatra

14:45 – 15:15, 04 Feb 2016, Theatre 4. In this session Sambit will talk about how enterprises can transform their businesses through the use of wearable technology and SmartGlasses, and will examine the competitive advantage that can be gained by becoming early adopters.

Social Learning

Collaborative learning – T4S2. ‘10 ways to use your Enterprise Social Network for social learning’ by Jane Hart; ‘Enterprise social networking in practice’ by Cathy Hoy

13:50 – 15:00, 03 Feb 2016, Track 4. Most of us collaborate at work every day and learn from colleagues on-the-job. But throw some technology into the mix and the picture can blur and processes become over complicated. The key is incorporating the learning into people’s workflow.

Personalised learning

FREE seminar. ‘Exploding the myth of ‘one best way’ and using playlists to deliver personalised learning that improves performance’ by Toby Harris

11:00 – 11:30, 03 Feb 2016, Theatre 3. The session will look at how we can strategically deploy technology like learning playlists and reporting APIs to fix what is broken with our learning and performance infrastructure and create the insight which allows organisations to survive in uncertain times.

FREE seminar. ‘The way ahead? Promoting high performance with personalised learning’ by Caroline Freeman, Robin Hoyle, Myles Runham and Caroline Walmsley

11:00 – 12:12, 04 Feb 2016, Theatre 5. In this exciting interactive double session specialists from Brightwave Group are joined by experts from the L&D space to explore the state of the art in personalisation and discuss its potential application to learning and engagement in the workplace.

Virtual reality

FREE seminar.  2016: The year when virtual becomes reality by Jenna Scott

11:00 – 11:30, 04 Feb 2016, Theatre 7. 2016 is the year of Virtual Reality and the world of learning is no exception! Make sure your company is not left behind! Find out how this interactive, stimulating and affordable learning technology will increase engagement, user satisfaction and take your workplace by storm!

The full seminar and conference programme is available on the official Learning Technologies 2016 website.

Join the Webanywhere team at stand C12, and our e-learning experts will be on hand to answer all your questions about Totara, CPD and more. We are very excited to announce that our brand new knowledge management software – Promatum will be officially launched at Learning Technologies 2016.

Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of the largest, best attended and most relevant exhibition and conference in the learning and development sector!