Talent Management Webinar and Event

Talent Management is the current hot topic within the HR industry as companies are trying to retain, improve and obtain the best people for a particular role. With so much information about this topic available online it can  become confusing when trying to implement an appropriate strategy within  your business.

Webanywhere are providing both a Webinar and a free Breakfast Event to explain further how Talent Management can be improved within a company.

We will be holding a Talent Management webinar with Keith Stopforth, a former Head of Learning and Talent at BUPA. This will take place on Thursday 29th November 2012 at 3:00PM GMT. He will be demonstrating the most effective and efficient ways in which talent can be managed.  During the webinar Keith will touch on several points including talent mapping, how the culture of the organisation is critical to this style of management and how to get the Senior Team on board.

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Keith will also be one of the key speakers at an exclusive Talent Management Breakfast that we will be holding on the 6th December 2012. Joining him will be Professor Jeff Gold from Leeds Metropolitan University.

This event will provide an opportunity for up to forty HR Executives to receive free Talent Management advice from experts on this topic. A selection of the main topics to be covered at this seminar include:

Professor Jeff Gold, Leeds Metropolitan University

  • What are organisations doing in Talent Management?

  • A typology of approaches

Keith Stopforth, former Head of Learning and Development at BUPA

  • Talent Mapping

  • Your culture is critical

The event will not only provide you with expert Talent Management consultancy, but it will also give you the chance to network with other influential HR executives and managers.

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