Small Businesses Can Really Benefit From Technology

shutterstock_125886173It’s generally thought that technology, and education technology, are the preserve of big businesses. Not so, says an interesting article recently posted on Teachthought.

Entrepreneurship, it says, is becoming easier due to the ease of access to information the internet allows – to online courses, training programs and guides. These are either low cost – due to them being web-based – or even free.

The added bonus is that, when courses are undertaken via learning platforms or on websites, the learning can be done whenever the learner wants to do it. “There’s also the ability to take your time in learning the material. In brick and mortar schools, you might not be able to ask the professor to back up his lecture to about the first two minutes, but with an online school – and YouTube – you can.” says the article. “Taking courses online also allow you the flexibility to go to class on your own time. “Taking courses online allows you the flexibility to go to class on your own time.”

Anyone looking to establish their own business can become an expert in any given field by, for example, starting with watching videos available on, or signing up to industry webinars.

Before long, e-learning will be an essential, integral part of learning within any business. If you’re yet to join the e-learning revolution, get an insight into what’s possible and the difference it can make by contacting the Webanywhere Workplace Learning team here.

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