Quick Tips for creating effective e-learning modules

1. Theming or building ‘skins’

Theming is important to your learner, think about it, accessing e-learning within a learning management system (LMS) which isn’t branded doesn’t look the most aesthetic.

There are two areas to focus: (i) the LMS, if you use Totara, you can build a theme within the main master theme, (ii) an e-learning module, if you are using a cost effective rapid authoring tool like articulate storyline, you can create your own skin.


2. Use info-graphics

Often used for marketing purposes, info-graphics are a really useful way to get your point across.  For the learner, they are nice and easy to follow and help get the message across.

You can use free tools like infogram to do this, https://infogr.am/

3. Use the right imagery

Often, people design e-learning modules using stock photography which doesn’t resemble their organisation.  STOP, speak to people internally and find the images that work for your company.  Often marketing departments can help in these areas and most of the time have brand guidelines you can work with too!

4. Don’t just use the Rapid Authoring tool to implement your e-learning

Rapid e-learning tools are there to help you create nice looking course-ware, but remember that your learners can get bored easily, clicking the next button until the end of the module.  Think about using your LMS also, and, narrow down the time of the e-learning course as people prefer smaller chunks of learning.

Within Totara you can use other modes of delivery, such as a short video clip, a collaborative forum, or even a quick poll.  Think about other ways to engage your learner.



5. Think about navigation and layout

When you log into the e-learning module, think about what the learner sees, keep this simple and to the point and don’t confuse them with a busy layout. To do this effectively, position the module so the learner clicks on what you want them to do.  For example, you may choose to have the navigation bar at the top of the page, or on the left hand side.

Also, you will need to think about the formatting of the module.  Do you want to create the module so it appears within the LMS course, this method is proffered to prevent pop up blockers.  You will also need to think about layout of e-learning using tablet or mobile devices, which Totara’s responsive design is useful for. We have recently implemented this for Zara retail, which can be seen below.