Webanywhere embrace on-demand working with their move to Barclays’ Eagle Labs at Avenue HQ

International e-Learning company, Webanywhere, has recently moved their UK team from City Exchange to Barclays’ Eagle Labs at Avenue HQ in central Leeds.

CEO & Founder, Sean Gilligan, made the decision to invest in the exciting new space and drive a truly flexible working ethos. By encouraging staff to occasionally work outside of the main office, all team members benefit from the new environment as well as having the flexibility and convenience of working from home.

Sean had this to say:

“In the ever-changing face of business, staff are demanding a flexible and fun working environment. These modern workforce demands, as well as our continued internationalisation – including rapid growth in America – means we need to adapt our business to the changes ahead.”

Avenue HQ is home to a variety of technology, creative and media companies and features shared, social workspaces which encourage a sense of community. These include relaxation areas, an on-site coffee shop & cafe, table tennis facilities as well as a glorious rooftop terrace.

Sean wholeheartedly believes that, in the future, this “on-demand” way of working will become more vital for all businesses…

“I believe that, in the near future, not only will software be on demand but things like office space and employment contracts will be too. Why is this important to us? The clue is in our name. Webanywhere… work anywhere. Our talent acquisition strategy needs to be open to new possibilities and follow where the talent is, as well as what our customers demand.”

Webanywhere was founded in 2003 and provides a variety of digital solutions to the education sector as well as lifelong learning tools across the public, private and third sectors. The business has operational bases in the UK, US and mainland Europe.