e-Learning + Instructor Led Training Powers Business Performance

Organisational learning and development is a critical driver of success for today’s mobilising enterprise organisations. Training providers that add e-learning capability can deliver a leaner business model and are thriving by saving on the training cost per person compared with their classroom-based counterparts.

We understand, however, that running an e-learning programme, and integrating with legacy systems, can be expensive. Frequent investment is required to keep pace with the costs of changing technology, licensing, legislation and customer needs. The commercial challenge is to keep costs under control and to manage the contribution of the L&D channel.

Achieving the right balance is never easy but it’s a lot easier with expert assistance! By taking advantage of the convenience of Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are blended with traditional classroom based learning, trainers can create courses in a purpose built online environment instead of incurring the expense of facilities, travel, accommodation and traditional course materials.