Pave the way for mLearning

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When looking at job types – transportation, medical care, sales, law, repair and maintenance for instance – there is one thing that is becoming increasingly popular: being on the move.

According to Gartner, over the next two years the number of desktop computers/notebooks  will drop by 14%, while at the same time, the number of mobile phones will grow from 1.9 billion to 2.1 billion. Furthermore tablets in the workplace will more than double. These results show that there is a new phenomenon gaining momentum: mLearning.

Although the use of mobile devices for work and learning is a bit of an old story now, its potential is not just huge, it’s enormous. No organisation should ignore its place within the workplace; if they do, they are treading very dangerously.

It has always been difficult to directly connect a company’s learning investment to its profitability, in regards to training. However, performance support can be measured, as it is integrated within the work process. This is even true when performance support is mobile (mSupport), as it’s constantly with the employee whilst they are performing work tasks.

This means that if they need help with any job they can gain support via their mobile. An example of this would be the Social Learning Platform. If a plumber was out on a job and didn’t know how to complete a task, they could log onto their learning platform and watch a video of how to do it. This allows them not only complete the job, but learn on the job.

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