Being ‘open’ is key to integrated care


According to Jonathan Rosenberg, the previous SVP of Product Management at Google, being open is about making information available so that we can use it to provide something that is valuable to the end user or target audience.

This is particularly prominent within the healthcare sector at the moment, especially in regards to the NHS. As they move away from monolithic data structures, they need to make sure that all departments can talk and understand each other. Being open and using an open platform allows integrated communication across all boards.

Furthermore this type of approach will enable the NHS to put the patient at the centre of their attention. Working openly provides fantastic opportunities for companies to produce innovative, client driven products and/or service.

In a recently published document from NHS England, it was revealed that a new £260m Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards Technology Fund will be set up, to produce a ‘paperless NHS’ whilst creating Integrated Digital Care Records across all care settings by 2018.

‘Open standards are key to achieving the government’s aim of integrated digital care records by 2018.’ says IHE’s UK chair. Change is inevitable: The future of science and medicine is collaboration…and this depends on being open according to Rosenberg.