Mobile Learning- The Power of On the Go Learning

Over the last few years, the way businesses train has been moving online. Using platforms such as websites and video, people are seeing a shift in the way they learn as technology develops. The newest and most convenient tool, however, is mobile learning- or mLearning. The use of mLearning is becoming undisputed, and we have been seeing a marked change in the way people learn because of it.

Revolutionising the Way People Train

For a long time, a lot of corporate training has been limited to the classroom, and has been chewing holes in company budgets without achieving maximum success. Mobile learning has been revolutionising the way people train for a number of reasons, and it’s not hard to see why it’s become one of the top investments for company learning strategy in recent years. In fact, with 47% of businesses already using some sort of mobile device in training, this number is expected to rise rapidly in years to come.

The cost of mLearning is minimal compared to traditional workplace training, but brings proportionately more benefits to users. By offering bitesize bits of information, as well as feedback and support on a more accessible platform, workers are starting to train themselves while traveling and even before they go to sleep.

Increasing Worker Motivation

Training can therefore be fit around any commitment, and is less daunting when trainees eventually come round to doing it. This ease of use, combined with the immense personalisation mLearning offers to those training makes it the go-to for business training these days, and means that worker motivation has increased dramatically as a result.

It isn’t just new employees that mobile learning is tailored to, as those who’ve been in the workplace for longer can also experience how it works. Moreover, they want to see how it works, and are more eager to top-up on their training during their careers. Indeed, TXU Europe have been pioneers in mLearning, stating that it offers another way to learn, and prepares all of its workers for the future. There is no doubt that other companies are following suit; if they aren’t now, they will be imminently.

Matching the Need for Technology

Ultimately, mobile learning is becoming more and more integral in businesses as technology continues to progress. In order for companies to keep up to date with this expansion, and ensure their workers have the most relevant skills, it’s becoming a key requirement that they implement mobile learning. This platform is beginning to reap its benefits as a result, matching corporate environments to the world’s developing technological advances. Companies are discovering every day how mLearning can help their employees, and just how much their businesses depend on it.