Why mobile accessibility is more important than ever


Many businesses are now acquiring e-learning platforms, where they can continue to manage learning and development within their organisation whilst online. According to a new report by Cisco, there will be more internet – connected mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and  tablets) than people in the world before the end of 2013.

Already, smartphones have consumed 92% of the global mobile data traffic, despite only making up 18% of the handsets in use globally. Therefore it is imperative that both a company’s website and learning platform is mobile ready and responsive in design, making it more accessible for employees (especially as the fastest growing device over the next five years will be the tablet). Furthermore mobile-connected tablets will generate more traffic in 2017 than the entire global mobile network in 2012.

As the use of mobile video already makes up more than half of the data transmitted worldwide, businesses should consider using videos for training purposes. One brand that already utilise this, is ZARA. They have recently created a Social Learning Platform, in partnership with Webanywhere. This platform allows employees to upload and browse training videos, enhancing and and developing their learning capabilities. As mobile video is forecast to increase 16-fold between 2012-2017 it would be advantageous to utilise this method within your business. This simultaneously creates a modern way of learning, catering to the Millennial and Digital Natives in your workforce, whilst providing a unique and engaging learning platform for all. Furthermore as 70% of training happens whilst on the job, if employees need reassurance on a topic they can quickly and easily find information via a learning platform on a mobile device.

All data taken from Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2012 – 2017 report.