Microsoft Hololens, The Next Disruptor in Corporate Education?

We have seen how the Massive Open Online Learning concept has already disrupted corporate education, and, also further education.  According to Edsurge, in 2012, the number of MOOC courses offered was 100, and by 2013, this had grown to 700.  This rapid growth is not surprising given the amount of investment in the MOOC world. (see below).


This growth, and disruption in education, is causing a lot of changes to the pedagogical approach to corporate elearning.  Typically, in the 1990s to 2000s, the learning experience has been focused on collaboration, with lots of back-end functionality within the Learning Management System.  As Bersin illustrates below, this has changed to be more focused on a clean and crisp UX/UI which is mobile enabled. In addition, the collaboration element in the 1990s, has evolved to include social learning.

Bersin by Deloitte, 2015

The Modern Learning System is very much the MOOC delivery model.  For example, SCORM courses have moved to video, in fact, we are yet to see a MOOC with a SCORM course.   Also, this also tends to be a flexible approach for the learner with no definitive learning pathway, but, instead clever algorithms in the background which recommend new content depending on what you’re interested in as a learner.

The Next Disruptor in Corporate Education

The release of the Microsoft Hololens devices is very  exciting for the elearning world.

Let’s explain why…

  • Learning Simulations – Using simulations for training is really powerful, for example, pilot training would be a really interesting space to use the Hololens.
  • Virtual Meetings – Most corporates are already using video such as Skype or Google.  Microsoft Hololens could revolutionise this for training purposes.
  • Collaboration – If you watch the promotional video from Microsoft about the Hololens, you can see how easily this would foster the collaboration aspect of training.

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