Knowledge Sharing – Scalable Efficiency vs Scalable Learning [Infographic]

Designed by Mateusz Zapotoczny


Knowledge Sharing – Scalable Efficiency vs Scalable Learning [Infographic]

For Learning & Development Professionals


Knowledge management systems became popular to make existing knowledge more accessible in the form of

1. knowledge repositories and

2. directories of expertise.


1. New knowledge creation is the most valuable form of learning.

2. Organisations develop new knowledge on what works and what doesn’t work in specific situations.


“scalable efficiency”


“scalable learning”

Explicit vs Tacit Knowledge

  • Explicit Knowledge

E.g. Process manuals – knowledge that can be written down and easily shared

  • Tacit Knowledge

For example, ability to speak a language or play an instrument – difficult to transfer to another person

Individuals vs Workgroups & Networks

  • Individuals

Individuals are the primary focus of learning

  • Workgroups & Networks

Leaders bring together people with diverse skills to form trust-based relationships.

Learning vs Performance Improvement

  • Learning

Upfront investment is necessary to develop course materials and take people out of their work

  • Performance Improvement

Learning leads to performance improvement

Learning happens in the work environment as new performance challenges arise.

Performance improvement leads to learning

Learning vs Unlearning

  • Learning

Staff keep piling new knowledge on top of their existing knowledge.

  • Unlearning

Assumptions and beliefs about what is required to achieve impact are constantly challenged.

Skills vs Capabilities

  • Skills

The focus is on acquiring a given set of skills.

Cultivating the underlying capabilities accelerates learning, so that new skills can be rapidly acquired.

  • Capabilities

To adopt scalable learning within your organisation today, you need to challenge your conventional beliefs about learning in general.

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