Key points from the largest Voice Tech event of the year

VOICE Summit‘s Startup Expo took place at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark on Tuesday, 24 July 2018.

The summit provided insight and practical tips on the present and future of voice technology, AI, NLP, and Alexa Skills programming.

Here are some of the take-aways from Webanywhere’s founder and CEO, Sean Gilligan, who attended the expedition. (Just click the Play All Clips button.)


Voice 18 Thoughts

“I thought I’d just do a quick reflection and recap on what I’ve learnt today at VOICE 18 in Newark New Jersey.”

1. Voice data is worth a lot because it has the persons intent within it

“Voice data is worth more than your average batch of data and this is because it’s got the person’s intent within the data.”

2. VoiceBox

“In the Startup expo, I met voice box and Luke from San Francisco who’s invented the ability to browse a web page with your voice.”

3. Voiceable

“Also in the Startup expo, I met two Israeli chaps from Voicable who are into conversational commerce and how websites can talk to you.”

4. Kids is a high growth area for Alexa skills

“One of the highest growth areas for Alexa skills in terms of categories is kids.”

5. It takes on average 7 minutes to start a conference call in the US

“During the Alexa for business presentation, I learnt that in the US, on average it takes 7 minutes to start a conference call and of course you can now do this much quicker with Alexa.”

6. Audio Quizzes

“I also learnt about audio quizzes and how these are more difficult than your traditional multiple choice quiz because the student cannot see the multiple choices.”

7. Samsung by 2020 will have microphones in all their electronic devices sold

“By 2020, every single product sold by Samsung Electronics will include microphones be it dishwashing machines, washing machines, TVs, etc.”

8. Browsing the web not a great experience with voice

“There are high and low utilisation cases for Voice first and actually browsing the web is not a really good thing to do with voice.”

9. VoiceFirst buys you back time in your busy life

“We are all very busy people juggling work and life and the great thing about Voice first is it buys you back time because you can multitask.”

10. All VoiceFirst applications must make a person’s life easier, quicker and more enjoyable to succeed

“Above all every Voice first application skill or action must make life easier faster and more enjoyable to succeed.”

11. In the future, we will be less glued to our screens

“What’s great about voice is the social interaction becoming more natural so we’re going to be less glued to our screens in the future, we are going to talk to devices.”

12. If it is slower with the voice then the application will not work

“If an application is slower with the voice then it won’t work so you need to focus on where the voice wins and where it’s quicker, that’s the real opportunity.”

13. 45,000 Skills on Alexa

“There are now 45,000 skills on the Alexa marketplace and one of the most popular skills is the Fox girl.”

14. A voice-enabled home will sell for more money

“You can increase the value and the price of your home by making it Alexa enabled such as turning on the lights and controlling temperatures.”

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