Infographics in the workplace

What are infographics? Infographics or information graphics are a visual way of presenting data, usually statistics. They are especially useful when used in educational circumstances, like on the job learning.

As education requires the transfer of ideas and information to the learner, one of the most effective ways of doing this is through pictures. Pictures engage the learner better than just plain text, and as infographics are usually colourful and bright they tend to be more memorable.

Infographics can be used to improve the knowledge not only of your staff but also the management. This can be seen in the example from N.I.C.E; they have created an infographic to show how staff members are wasting time at work. This simply demonstrates common ways in which productivity is lost, but in effect it also provides ways in which to reduce this costly loss of productivity.

Creating infographics can be expensive and creating your own could take time. However, due to their recent popularity free and easy to use software can be found, one example of this is by They provide a range of themes and graphics that can be utilised and adapted to fit your needs.

An example infographic created by Webanywhere using

Infographics are nothing new: a good example is the London Tube Map. Florence Nightingale even created charts (another form of infographic) that reformed military hospitals.   With the knowledge that they have longevity and are not just a passing fad, it seems that if there is a better way of learning and retaining information then it should be incorporated into workplace learning.