Infographic: LMS in the Workplace, where are we today?

The LMS market is growing year on year, but many organisations still rely on non-technological methods to carry out their training. Still, many are eager to adopt elearning in the near future.

According to a survey based on 200 US firms, carried out by employee training software review firm Software Advice, 80% of buyers surveyed are evaluating LMSs for the first time, while 20% are looking for systems that are more efficient and easier to use.

In particular, training professionals want LMSs where they can upload and store content (61%), track training progress (37%) and conduct reporting (25%).

We’ve summarised the key facts in the infographic below.

LMS in the workplace - 2015 overview
Training in the Workplace: LMS status report

You can access the full survey here.

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