How to Hit NHS Compliance Training Targets

compliance training operating theatre

It’s not easy for NHS Trusts to achieve the stringent targets placed upon them and compliance is no exception. Ensuring that your junior doctors and nurses have completed and passed all mandatory compliance training is no mean feat, particularly when you’re one of the larger Trusts with multiple sites and systems. This is why many fall significantly short of their targets. So what steps can NHS Trusts take to maximise the potential for hitting compliance goals?

Ditch Multiple Systems

It’s no good having training records and e-learning across multiple systems, particularly when a Trust can have 10,000 users. Having to use multiple logins and knowing how to use different interfaces is time-consuming and inconvenient. It can make broken processes more likely, which in turn causes users to be reluctant to use the system(s). Storing all data and content in one LMS is far more efficient.

Make It Convenient

We all know the tremendous pressure junior doctors and nurses face with long hours, night shifts, quotas, turnaround times in A&E, etc. The last thing they need is having to complete compliance training at an inconvenient place and time. Users should be able to access e-learning from anywhere and at any time, which is possible if the LMS is cloud-based. And these days e-learning needs to be mobile and tablet-friendly. Computers and even laptops are quickly losing ground to handheld devices, as they’re far easier for learning on the go. There are even mobile apps that can allow training to continue even when offline.

Choose a Flexible LMS

If there’s one constant, it’s that nothing stays the same – particularly in healthcare. This means the learning management system you choose must be flexible and scalable to allow for change. It needs to be ideal for STP (Sustainability and Transformation Plan). Make sure it’s capable of dealing with more users than you think you’ll need. As you’ll want to choose a cost-effective LMS, open source is the way to go, as there are no per-user licence fees to pay. If you’re looking for a platform that’s geared to corporate training and in particular compliance, check out Totara LMS. Whichever LMS you choose, it must be easy to use, even for technophobes.

Give Them the Green Light

Giving all users their own dashboard will make it simple to see where they stand with their compliance training. A RAG system (red amber green) highlights those modules that are overdue or that will soon need refreshing, plus they can see when new modules have been added. To save on admin time, automatic notifications let staff know when they need to complete more training.


Managers need to be able to see if their team is up to speed on compliance and giving them access to a team dashboard is essential. Using the previously mentioned RAG system, they can see at a glance who needs to complete more training. It’s also pointless giving managers reports that are out of date as soon as they’re produced. Real-time data is a must, so they have accurate information as to their team or division.
It is possible to achieve nearly 100% in mandatory compliance. With a transformed e-learning solution UCLH have gone from 70 to 96%.