Webanywhere top the 2013 Learning Technologies Show with Google.

The exit poll, conducted by Now Communication, consisted of data from the visitors of Learning Technologies, 2013. The information obtained from the survey provides invaluable data for all 230 organisations who exhibited there, allowing them to understand the thoughts, views and experiences of the visitors. When asked:

“When you studied the free seminar series, which presentations held most appeal for you?”

‘Stretch your organisation further with Google Apps for Enterprise’ by Webanywhere and Google was one of the top seminars. This provided an overview of Google Apps for Enterprise, looking at how it enables your organisation to maximise the benefits of cloud technologies to reduce costs and how the Google suite of apps can be integrated with the Totara Learning Management system to foster collaboration and learning in the workplace.

“It was fantastic to see that our seminar, ‘Stretch your organisation further with Google Apps for Enterprise’, was one of the most appealing, especially as this was only our second year exhibiting at the Learning Technologies show” says Conor Gilligan, Head of Operations at Webanywhere. “We are keen to demonstrate how, with the right e-learning tools, corporates can utilise the skills and talents of their workforce.”

With over 5,000 visitors attending this years event, it is considered to be the largest learning technologies event in Europe. Details about Learning Technologies 2014 are available online.

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