Giving the Learner What They Want in 2019

To maximise the return on investment of your learning and development projects, giving the learner what they actually want has to be key. By following key learning and development trends, you give yourself a better chance to satisfy the expectations of learners.

Using voice notes on mobile phones can intercept many of the learning and development trends currently being implemented:

Microlearning – searchable voice notes enable employee-generated content for short attention spans

Mobile learning – all voice notes can be accessed at any time anywhere and on any device

People coaching – replies with voice notes can give rapid feedback to employees giving praise or explaining how they might improve

Analytics – voice note analytics gives you the emotion of conversations, who has listened and who has contributed to voice posts

Leading research suggests the above trends are key demands to the current modern learner. As working itself changes to become more digital, there has to be an acceleration of the use of digital technology putting the power in the learners’ hands.

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