Gamification in Workplace learning


Recently we’ve spoken to several businesses who have been puzzled by the trend towards gamification of learning. A lot of the examples are comparing this to awards achieved on video game consoles, which may not be something their workforce is familiar with.

We’re here to explain how gamified learning can benefit your organisation. A lot of sectors have compliance standards that must be certified. These are often passed by examination and a certificate is awarded.

The question is how to motivate staff to complete non certified courses. A lot of groups struggle with non certified compliance. This could be something like an internal health and safety test, or training on internal software.

Using your LMS, you can set up a course to train on the topic. After the training you can set a quiz, this will allow you to test if they’ve learnt the topic sufficiently. You can tie a badge to this quiz, the quiz will only be marked as completed once a certain grade has been met.

In terms of practical examples, you could use this to check that everyone has completed “Health & Safety at work” training. Once they get the badge they could put this on their Totara profile, or share it with someone in HR via a collection on the open badges website.

If you’re interested in finding out how open badges can help you please get in touch.

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