e-Learning event attracts Philadelphia business leaders

Webanywhere, Inc. recently hosted an e-Learning event within their U.S. headquarters in downtown Philadelphia, presenting training & development trends, case studies and the impact of e-learning technologies on the future of the corporate training market.

Webanywhere, Inc. and nSight Works held an event in center city Philadelphia last Wednesday, within Webanywhere’s headquarters. Training & development professionals from across the tristate area, working within companies like Pfizer, Sallie Mae, Day & Zimmerman and Campbell’s Soup Co. all arrived ready for an evening of networking and a lesson in cost-effective e-Learning solutions for corporations.

Conor Gilligan + Lee Stayton The event brought together notable guest speakers from Webanywhere and nSight Works, Conor Gilligan and Lee Stayton, presenting on subjects as diverse as T&D trends, real life case studies and the impact of e-learning technologies on the corporate training market.

“It was a great chance to network with local professionals within the field and gain insight on how different industries handle their training and development. The speakers were very knowledgeable and helpful in showing us new, cost efficient e-learning practices and where the training industry is heading,” – Corporate T&D Manager