A Clearer View on Cloud Computing

Cloud-computing. You hear the words thrown around, but do you understand what it provides for us? The road it’s taking enterprises on? And its huge potential for cloud hosting to transform online service provision? We’ve witnessed many ‘cloud providers’ such as Google, Amazon, Dell and more recently Apple enter the frame, but what does it all mean?

Cloud hosted services deliver the convenience to access data with no need for a desktop PC connection; your smart phone, game console, or iPad and any other thin client can access almost anything you might need from anywhere – meeting your ‘just in time’ learning needs.

Secure hosting with Google or Amazon cloud means all data is secure and protected from attack. For corporates, the move to the cloud has proven to be more cost-effective, greener and often more practical than in-house IT solutions.

Cloud-computing has helped organizations tap into social and mobile capabilities to get employees engaged and connected. But how would you know if cloud-computing was right for your business, or where to begin?

Software as a service and cloud-computing providers are growing every day and it is difficult to sort through those options. Assuming that a large provider is the best choice isn’t necessarily true, and you should undertake careful scrutiny of security and data back-up processes. What would happen if you decided to leave that provider? How easy would that switch be?

The surge to cloud computing is well underway. So read up, analyse and ask questions to get a clearer view.