Careers advice – How learning technology can boost employability

Totara LMS

Totara – an example of an LMS

New educational reforms announced recently will put a big emphasis on employability of young people – an area where careers advice has traditionally been lacking. Whether you’re dealing with employees, students or apprentices, there’s always room for improvement in education strategy.

By using a Learning Management System (LMS), you can take your training online with specially-designed courses and programs of learning. Whether you’re looking to give students a better idea of what to do after graduation or helping an apprentice to learn their trade, an LMS can make the learning process that bit more streamlined.

According to the BBC though, one of the hardest things for employers is how to actually go about taking the first steps towards implementing a programme of learning, and half of surveyed employers saw “no real benefits to their business” in engaging with schools in the learning process. We, of course, believe differently – a well-implemented LMS or VLE can provide immeasurable benefits to staff, whether new, existing or even prospective.

This isn’t just an issue for employers of course – forging links goes both ways, and schools definitely have a role to play. Using online tools you can prepare your students with specialised courses designed to improve employability, as well as introducing them to tools they will potentially be using in the world of work – Totara is utilised by businesses in a wide variety of places.

As a Platinum Totara partner, we’re able to provide bespoke consultation on how your organisation can improve its training via online methods. Contact us today and see how we can help you help your staff.