Benefits of using eLearning tools in sales training

Finding time to implement training can be challenging for almost any company. Sales training presents a number of challenges which can be solved with eLearning. If used effectively, eLearning can contribute to measurable sales growth. It is important to view training as a continuous process, not as a single event and eLearning makes it easier to make training as a continuous process. Here are some ideas for using eLearning to improve the performance of your sales teams.


Use micro-learning

People tend to learn better when they receive the learning materials in small modules. Micro-learning helps to break training down into more manageable bite-sized chunks. Delivering training in small chunks can benefit sales teams in terms of providing a more flexible approach towards learning.

Encourage healthy competition

Introduce elements of gamification to encourage healthy competition between your sales teams. Usually sales teams are already engaged in some healthy rivalry with each other in terms of making most sales. Encouraging competition in training can help make learning more effective as it is expected to increase motivation and engagement.

Instant product training

It is important to ensure that salespeople receive sufficient product training in order to understand the product details, to stay up to date with changes made to products and to boost their confidence when selling. Constant travelling and sales calls involved in sales jobs make it really difficult to get the entire sales force in one room for training. Therefore, eLearning provides a perfect solution for sales teams to access product training on the go as well as it is very useful for new employees learning about products.

It is accessible and flexible

Salespeople are often on the go, therefore, they require training that would be flexible enough to meet their learning needs. With eLearning, your sales teams can access learning materials anywhere they are based and at any time most convenient for them. What is more, learning materials can be made available on any device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone, wearable technologies) which gives sales teams even more flexibility.

Provide instant feedback

With LMS, you can review how your team is doing and to provide instant feedback to let them know what they are doing well and what things need more attention.

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